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  • Rural women to be trained in computer education, life skills
  • Women will help distribute solar energy in Noida
  • DA Group gives new ‘LIFE’ to rural Indian youth


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About TLA


TARA Livelihood Academy (TLA) was established in 2007 by the Development Alternatives Group (DA) as yet another vehicle to fulfill its mandate of disseminating Sustainable Development, by providing skills to the youth, women and community groups.

Recognizing that skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development, TLA aims at supplying trained workers who are dynamically adjustable to the changing demands of employment and technologies to the market and create a workforce that is in demand. With fast changing skills in the labour market, TLA focuses on short, relevant and effective courses that would get candidates into the workplace, i.e. skill training must ensure a job for those who seek it. The placement of these skilled persons is also in the mandate of TLA where-in its own Placement Agency works with the industrial tie-ups to ensure jobs.

Significant Achievements:
  • As many as 300 training programmes been conducted since the year 2000
  • More than 10,000 people been trained so far
  • Accreditation to various courses by the Central Government, State governments and agencies like Microsoft etc.
  • MOU signed with Government of Uttar Pradesh for skill development
  • Received Vocational Training Providers license from the Ministry of Labour and Employment in Bundelkhand
  • Established TARA Placement Cell

Major Initiatives:

  • TARA Community College, a project in partnership with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), is convergence between education and various skill development efforts of the Government. It aims at empowering the disadvantaged and the underprivileged through their appropriate skill development, thus, leading to their gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and the community
  • Green Jobs Project is an initiative of the International Labour Organization (ILO), South Asia, to anchor green jobs in India for selected clusters namely the Dairy Cluster in Jabalpur and the Rice Flakes (Poha) Cluster in Ujjain. ‘Green Jobs’ can be generically defined as the direct employment created in economic sectors and activities, which reduce their environmental impact and ultimately brings it down to levels that are sustainable.